What Make’s Murad’s Retinol Different

Our potent-yet-gentle formula equals results that are impressive, not aggressive.
What Make’s Murad’s Retinol Different

Retinol (a vitamin A derivative) has been the gold standard in skincare for decades because it is clinically proven to speed cell turnover, enhance skin brightness and tone, smooth texture, and help skin look more youthful all-around.

It’s also part preventative and corrective, helping to minimize the signs of aging you see, and the ones you can’t see yet.

Many retinol formulas rely on a single form of retinol to deliver results, take several weeks to deliver results and may cause irritation.

Murad’s Retinol Tri-Active Technology overcomes these traditional drawbacks of retinol with a unique combination of 3 retinol technologies that optimize performance to quickly deliver visible results while being gentle on skin.

  • Fast-acting retinoid: Goes to work upon application for rapid, visible results
  • Time-released retinol: Controls the release of retinol for ongoing benefits while minimizing the potential for irritation
  • Retinol booster: When used in combination with retinol, this booster amplifies retinol’s ability to increase cell turnover