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    Virtual Skin Consultation
    Meet Your Ideal Skincare Regimen
    • + Get expert-matched to a skincare expert
    • + We'll custom-pick products for your needs
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    Virtual Dermatologist
    Skincare Questions? Book a Virtual Dermatologist Visit Via Sesame

    Dermatology-led skincare is at the heart of Murad. That's why we've partnered with Sesame to offer virtual visits with board-certified dermatologists—including 20% off your first consultation and Murad perks to come!

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    Virtual Skin Wellness Workshops
    Wipe Out Body Acne – Literally

    Join our free, one-time-only event: Experts spill ingredient secrets + product tips to wipe out body acne—just in time for summer. And, meet the all-new Body Pads that wipe out body acne

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What is a Murad Skin Wellness Coach?

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    Inclusive Health Experts

    Inclusive Health is Dr. Murad’s unique approach to skin health. It connects the dots between lifestyle, diet, and emotional well-being to improve skin health through total body wellness.

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    Highly Trained & Certified

    The Murad Inclusive Health Certification includes advanced training in skin physiology, skin conditions, and lifestyle and nutritional factors thatimpact skin health.

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    Coaching Mindset

    Your coach’s goal? To gain your trust. How? By getting to know you and your skin, then outlining individualised plans and check-ups for healthier skin and a happier life!

Meet the Coaches

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    If you truly embrace Dr. Murad’s message your health & wellness can actually change!


    Skin Wellness Coach

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    I love helping clients find the perfect routine that makes them glow!


    Skin Wellness Coach

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    I always remember to eat my water!


    Skin Wellness Coach

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    I love making skincare accessible to everyone.


    Skin Wellness Coach

Rave Reviews + Skin Wellness Improved

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    “I was worried the 1-on-1 skin consultation would be awkward but it was far from it! I’m so happy Murad is giving access to meet wonderful experts like you.”

    -Wetonia W.

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    “The personal attention while we were sheltering in place has made me feel like Murad really cares about me as a customer.”

    – Mercedes S.

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    “Thank you for your help and product advice. I love having a Skin Wellness Coach!”

    – Tammie D.

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    “So helpful and really fun, and I've told all my friends about Murad's 1-on-1 skin consultation.”

    – Tracy H.

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    “Thank you for taking the time to help me find the best products for my skin!”

    – Kisa H.