Oil Control Products

Skin needs oil for a healthy barrier, so we should strive to control oil, not eliminate it! Murad's products for oily skin hydrate and balance to help reduce excessive oiliness over time.

Oil Control Products
Lift Impurities & Balance

Cleansers & Toners

Deep clean and rinse away excess oils without stripping your skin with our oil control cleansers and toners.

  • Murad Acne Control Clarifying Cleanser bottle
    Acne Control Clarifying Cleanser
    6.75 FL. OZ. |  $36.00
  • Murad Clarifying Toner
    Clarifying Toner
    6.0 FL. OZ. |  $30.00
  • Murad Clarifying Body Spray
    Acne Control Clarifying Body Spray
    4.3 FL. OZ. |  $48.00
  • Clarifying Cleanser Larger Size Bottle
    Clarifying Cleanser Larger Size
    13.5 FL. OZ. |  $52.00
  • Murad Clarifying Cleanser Acne Control Value Size
    Clarifying Cleanser Value Size
    16.9 FL. OZ. |  $60.00
  • Clarifying Cleanser Acne Control
    Clarifying Cleanser Travel Size
    2.0 FL. OZ. |  $14.00
  • Clarifying Toner Value Size
    Clarifying Toner Value Size
    16.9 FL. OZ. |  $45.00

Serums & Treatments

Clinically proven to help control excess oil, visibly minimize pore size and calm irritation.

  • Targeted Pore Corrector Soldier
    Targeted Pore Corrector
    0.5 FL. OZ. |  $49.00
  • Rapid Relief Acne Sulfur Mask Soldier
    Rapid Relief Acne Sulfur Mask
    2.5 FL. OZ. |  $44.00
  • Deep Relief Acne Treatment - Soldier
    Deep Relief Acne Treatment
    1.0 FL. OZ. |  $45.00
  • Daily Clarifying Peel
    AHA/BHA/Retinoid Daily Clarifying Peel
    3.2 FL. OZ. |  $44.00
  • Outsmart Acne Clarifying Treatment bottle
    Acne Control Outsmart Acne Clarifying Treatment
    1.7 FL. OZ. |  $49.00


Oily skin needs moisture, too! Essential hydration meets oil, pore and shine control in our clinically proven skincare for oily skin.


Masks & Peels

Draw out impurities and control oil and pores. Use 1-3 times a week—or whatever feels best!

  • Daily Clarifying Peel
    AHA/BHA/Retinoid Daily Clarifying Peel
    3.2 FL. OZ. |  $44.00
  • Rapid Relief Acne Sulfur Mask Soldier
    Rapid Relief Acne Sulfur Mask
    2.5 FL. OZ. |  $44.00


The best protection under the sun. Multi-tasking SPFs control oil, shine and pores while balancing skin.

Trial & Travel

Regimens & Kits

Try something new or find sizes that go everywhere with you.

  • 60-Day InvisiScar Kit
    60-Day InvisiScar Kit
    60-Day |  $69.95
  • 30-Day InvisiScar Kit components
    30-Day InvisiScar Kit
    30-Day |  $40.00
  • Acne Control 30-Day Trial Kit Box
    Acne Control 30-Day Trial Kit
    4-Piece Set |  $36.00
  • Age-Perfect Bundles: 20-Something Skincare
    Age-Perfect Bundles: 20-Something Skincare
    20-Something |  $81.00
Looking for face products for oily skin that will help keep your skin clear and balanced? Minimize excess oil and acne breakouts right from the source with our line of oil control formula products. For a comprehensive acne-fighting regimen, try using our acne control cleanser to deeply cleanse your pores, followed by our acne toner to balance your skin's pH levels and keep breakouts at bay. With the help of Murad's clinically proven oil control technologies, combat oily skin and blemishes by reducing excess oil through cleansers, serums, moisturizers, and treatments that calm irritation while balancing your skin. With our oil control products for the face, you can create an entire skin care routine dedicated to fight excess sebum.
Murad's oil control skin care products are clinically proven to visibly reduce excess shine and sebum with the help of oil control face wash, toners, and oil-free lightweight SPF moisturizers. Significantly improve oily skin through advanced formulas with nourishing and nutrient rich ingredients that eliminate oil and shine for healthier-looking skin. Our commitment to helping others achieve healthy skin through wellness backed science starts with providing solutions designed to control your unique skin concern. Oil control skin care products help skin look and feel balanced while maintaining essential hydration for healthy skin.
Adopt a skin care routine that will unclog pores with salicylic acid, while keeping your face hydrated.