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Extinguish Eczema + Sensitive Skin.


TerraCycle x Murad

Now you can recycle your Murad empties into raw materials, which will then be made into flooring tiles, storage bins, outdoor furniture and so many other products.

Just Print, Ship and Recycle Murad – All for Free

It's a cinch! Thanks to our partnership with TerraCycle, you can quickly and easily give your Murad empties a second life.

How It Works
TerraCycle- Complete the Form
Complete the form
to get a prepaid mailing label.
TerraCycle - Affix the label
Affix the label
to any envelope, box or other shippable container.
TerraCycle- Mail your product
Mail your products
and empties back with UPS.
TerraCycle- Shipping tip
Shipping tip
Re-use an old shipping box or envelope to take recycling one step further!
About TerraCycle

TerraCycle® is a social enterprise that collaborates with brands and retailers around the world to reuse, upcycle and recycle waste instead of landfilling it. We've partnered with them to offer a free recycling program to help you collect and recycle your harder-to-recycle Murad empties.