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At Murad, we believe our greatest asset is our employees. As a dynamic, world-renowned company dedicated to building beauty through health, we strive to provide a workplace that is positive, fun, productive and fosters each employee's inclusive health. Murad is a great place to work for bright, committed people looking to make their mark and build a career. As we grow, we do have positions to fill. Whatever the job, we look for unique individuals who can be independent thinkers and team players at the same time. Our commitment to our employees is to provide them with the opportunity to grow, to work with dignity and respect, and to be rewarded where it is due.


Our Corporate Offices are located in El Segundo, California, alongside the Murad Medical Spa, Murad Inclusive Health Center and Murad Medical Practice, where Dr. Murad continues to see and treat patients.

Conveniently located in Southern California, we are ten minutes away from LAX and neighbors to Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach. The City of El Segundo continues to grow with the influx of recent commercial and retail developments, providing employees numerous dining, shopping and entertainment options.


We are all proud and passionate about Murad. Murad is a place where everybody is treated fairly, respected and has an opportunity to contribute, learn, grow and advance based on merit. We are motivated by our mission and derive satisfaction from the fact that our innovation positively impacts our customers' health.


Our mission is to create topical skincare products and dietary supplements that transform lives by helping people look and feel confident, healthy and beautiful while transforming the Skincare Industry by raising the standards for performance and innovation. That’s why Transforming Skincare™ is the promise of performance that stands behind every product we offer.

We can make that promise because our products are formulated based in The Science of Cellular Water.™ The world’s most comprehensive approach to understanding health and aging, The Science of Cellular Water™ looks at the ability of cell membranes to hold water within cells as the fundamental marker of youthful good health.

At Murad, we never forget that beautiful skin is healthy skin.


Find out what Murad employees think about working at Murad

Like Dr. Murad's Inclusive Health approach to skincare, Murad also has an inclusive commitment to success... Internally, we work as a team to set new initiatives, achieve our goals, and develop the most innovative products on the market. Every employee, including Dr. Murad himself, comes to work everyday ready to make things happen.Externally, our dedication is apparent through our devoted customer service, frequent press mentions and television media, and above all, the results our customers see from our products! Emotionally, we stay focused and healthy by taking advantage of spa treatments and wellness days. We gain a better understanding of Murad through employee education classes. We generate excitement by celebrating our successes as a company and rewarding individual achievements. And we pass this excitement and commitment on to our customers every day in an effort to make each of them say 'Wow!'

Jill N.

Senior Manager | eCommerce


Consistency is what makes Murad different from the innumerable competitors in the beauty industry.

Dr. Murad consistently discovers the latest innovations in ingredients, formulations, _cutting edge treatments, as well as overall skincare health and well being.

Murad products consistently deliver unparalleled results that other companies _can only dream of.

Dr. Murad is consistently recognized as a pioneer, innovator, and skin care expert worldwide, Whose products consistently surpass the expectations of even the most cynical consumers.

Murad, Inc. is a company that is consistently growing, changing, and improving to meet the expectations its staff, as well as the public.

Consistency on many levels is what makes Murad unique and a force to be reckoned with.

Sharon B.

Regional Educator

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