Skin Care Duo's

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  • Hydro-Dynamic Moisturizing Duo

    Experience Unmatched Hydration

    4.965Hydro-Dynamic Moisturizing Duo
  • The Ultimate Oil-Control Duo

    Max your matte with this ultimate oil-control duo

    4.7174The Ultimate Oil-Control Duo
  • Max Your Matte Duo

    Controls oil for up to 8 hours*

    00Max Your Matte Duo
  • Skin Renewing Duo

    Promotes a firmer, younger-looking appearance.

    $90.00 (a $145.00 value)
    4.7447Skin Renewing Duo
  • Blackhead and Pore Clearing Duo

    Clears pores and removes blackheads

    3.911Blackhead and Pore Clearing Duo
  • Firm and Protect Duo

    Visibly increases firmness and protects skin

    $121.00 (a $140.00 value)
    4.7350Firm and Protect Duo
  • Clarifying Body Duo

    Treats blemishes and prevents breakouts

    $64.00 (a $76.50 value)
    Chappin & Nellson Ladies Watch
  • Spot Reversal Duo

    Fades age spots, dark spots and sun spots

    $103.00 (a $120.00 value)
    4.6555Spot Reversal Duo
  • Body Firming Duo

    Firms and improves the appearance of dimpled skin

    4.6127Body Firming Duo
  • Exfoliating and Hydrating Duo

    Firms, exfoliates and locks in optimal moisture

    $116.00 (a $134.00 value)
    4.777Exfoliating and Hydrating Duo
  • Wrinkle Fighting Duo

    Visibly reduces wrinkles, firms and tightens

    $211.00 (a $240.00 value)
    00Wrinkle Fighting Duo
  • Acne Fighting Favorites Duo

    Treats and prevents breakouts for clear skin

    $50.00 (a $61.00 value)
    4.81809Acne Fighting Favorites Duo
  • Skin Smoothing Duo

    Smooths and softens to reveal a younger complexion.

    $85.00 (a $131.00 value)
    4.7169Skin Smoothing Duo
  • Youth Builder Duo

    Transformative body regimen that helps promote a youthful appearance.

    $60.00 (a $76.00 value)
    4.916Youth Builder Duo
  • Shade America Sun Safety Set

    Restores radiance and protects skin

    $68.00 (a $105.00 value)
    4.8167Shade America Sun Safety Set