Retinol Myths, Debunked

Get the facts about this clinically proven anti-aging treatment that dermatologists swear by.
Retinol Myths, Debunked SEO

MYTH: You can’t exfoliate while using retinol.
FACT: Yes, you can exfoliate and use retinol! Simply choose your exfoliation intensity Gentle: Renewing Cleanser; medium: AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser; intense: Replenishing Multi-Acid Peel.

MYTH: Retinol is only for aging skin.
FACT: It’s never too early or too late to start using retinol! It’s corrective and preventative, helping to maintain smoother, youthful-looking skin.

MYTH: You can’t wear retinol in the summer.
FACT: Yes, you can treat with retinol during summer months! Just be sure to wear SPF EVERY DAY. No excuses. SPF protects treated skin and prevents premature skin aging.

MYTH: Retinol will dry out my skin.
FACT: Keeping skin properly hydrated can help prevent common retinol side effects like dryness and flaking. Eat your water and always follow your retinol treatment with a moisturizer.

MYTH: You should only use retinol at night.
FACT: You can use retinol in the morning or at night, but we recommend using at night. (Don’t forget your daily SPF in the morning!)