Exfoliation 101

Get direct-from-the-expert facts on exfoliation and its benefits from a pioneer in exfoliation, Dr. Murad.
Exfoliation 101 SEO Article

Why do I need exfoliation?
“Over time, cell renewal can be 7 times slower, resulting in dullness, deeper lines and uneven texture and tone.”

How does exfoliation work?
“Exfoliation helps skin renew at a faster rate for smoother texture and increased radiance.”

Can exfoliating ever cause irritation?
“Yes. Exfoliation without replenishing leads to irritated, over-processed skin and signs of premature aging.”

How do I minimize exfoliation side effects?
“By simultaneously exfoliating and replenishing with nourishing lipids in one step.”

What do you recommend?
“Replenishing Multi-Acid Peel is a daily bi-phase peel that rejuvenates and nourishes for a vibrant glow.”