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Extinguish Eczema + Sensitive Skin.

Skin Check-In With Murad

Choose Your Expert Skincare Advice — Anytime, Anywhere

Virtual Skin Consultation
Meet Your Ideal Skincare Regimen
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  • Get expert-matched to a skincare expert
  • We'll custom-pick products for your needs
  • Buy only what you love! Easily add any or all product picks to your cart
Virtual Dermatologist
Skincare Questions? Book a Virtual Dermatologist Visit Via Sesame
2022 April Telehealth Promo Offer

Dermatology-led skincare is at the heart of Murad. That's why we've partnered with Sesame to offer virtual visits with board-certified dermatologists—including 20% off your first consultation and Murad perks to come!

Virtual Skin Wellness Workshop
Stubborn Skin Issues? It Might Be a Damaged Barrier
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Did you know a damaged skin barrier may be masquerading as breakouts, bumps and flaking? Join our free workshop to learn from our experts why your skin’s barrier is beyond vital to skin health and how to restore it at the cellular level.


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What is a Murad Skin Wellness Coach?

Inclusive Health Experts 
inclusive health experts 

Inclusive Health is Dr. Murad’s unique approach to skin health. It connects the dots between lifestyle, diet, and emotional well-being to improve skin health through total body wellness.

Highly Trained & Certified
highly trained and certified 

The Murad Inclusive Health Certification includes advanced training in skin physiology, skin conditions, and lifestyle and nutritional factors that
impact skin health.

Coaching Mindset
coaching mindset  

Your coach’s goal? To gain your trust. How? By getting to know you and your skin, then outlining individualized plans and check-ups for healthier skin and a happier life!

Meet the Coaches

highly trained and certified 
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If you truly embrace Dr. Murad’s message your health & wellness can actually change!


Skin Wellness Coach

highly trained and certified 
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I love helping clients find the perfect routine that makes them glow!


Skin Wellness Coach

highly trained and certified 
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I always remember to eat my water!


Skin Wellness Coach

highly trained and certified 
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I love making skincare accessible to everyone.


Skin Wellness Coach

Rave Reviews + Skin Wellness Improved