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Wake Up to Radiant Skin

Mind and body tips to help you rest, rise and glow.

Sleep on this: Better rest equals better skin. Why? “Without restorative sleep, your skin and body miss out on essential recovery that keeps you healthy and, most of all, youthfully hydrated,” says Dr. Howard Murad, founder of Murad Skincare, dermatologist, pharmacist, and champion of Modern Wellness.

Read on for his skin, mind, and body tips (including a selfcare nighttime skincare routine) that will help you rest better, rise easier, and glow.

Why are we so sleep deprived?
The number one sleep depriver: we can’t “switch off” mentally.* Changes in stress levels due to worry and anxiety impact our circadian rhythm (the biological clock that tells you when to sleep and when to wake). “As a physician, I can tell you that the human body was not designed to be ‘on’ all the time,” says Dr. Murad. “There’s a reason why we must sleep at night.”

What’s the pandemic have to do with sleep deprivation and skin?
COVID-19 (coronavirus) has shifted everything from how we work to how we sleep. This puts us in one of two camps: sleeping better or sleeping worse. Why the divide? For some, the new work from home normal means lower stress levels and more control over their schedule. For others, it means increased anxieties due to job loss, isolation, and/or new homeschooling responsibilities.

Tips for better rest and better skin
“Skincare is selfcare,” says Dr. Murad. Creating a nighttime skincare routine can help you unplug from your daily list of responsibilities and transition into a restful state. Wake to well-rested skin, mind, and body with Dr. Murad’s wind-down regimen.

  • Establish a set bedtime Monday through Sunday. This creates consistency and helps establish a stable biorhythm.
  • Try aromatherapy. Taking deep breaths of a relaxing fragrance can induce feelings of calm and relaxatioin.
  • Don’t eat a heavy meal immediately before bedtime. Your digestive system needs a chance to relax before your set bedtime, so eat earlier in the evening.
  • Prep for rest 30 minutes before your set bedtime. Avoid activities that can stimulate your mind. Instead, try this recommended nighttime skincare regimen with Intense Recovery cream for face and eyes. Our clinically proven ultra-rich cream comforts, relieves, and encourages recovery of super stressed-out skin.
    • Place Intense Recovery Cream on your nightstand so you can smooth over your face and around the under-eyes before lying down
    • Close your eyes, then take a deep breath through the nose and down into your belly, counting to three
    • Hold your breath for one second, then release through the mouth, counting to three

Ready to wake well rested? Create your wonder slumber nighttime skincare regimen now at

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