What is True Health?

The Water Secret: An Excerpt from Dr. Murad’s Groundbreaking Book

Dr. Murad’s bestselling book The Water Secret: The Cellular Breakthrough to Look and Feel 10 Years Younger shows us how to take complete control of the aging process by improving the health of every cell in our body. Here’s an excerpt:

“I believe that true health is not the absence of disease. True health is emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

In truth, very few people can admit they feel their absolute best and look it, too. In my experience, most people put themselves at a 7 or maybe an 8. Even those who believe they lead healthy, robust lives give themselves a 9 and believe they (like anyone else) have room for improvement.

The surprising thing is that people are amazed at the transformation they can make through small additions to diet alongside a few simple strategies for nourishing your skin and emotional well-being. These three pillars—internal, topical, and emotional self-care—encompass my formula for Inclusive Health care that encourages your cells to act young. At the heart of this last component is managing a new category of stress that runs amok these days, which does more damage to us than we realize. As you will learn in this book, Cultural Stress® is proving to be the sneakiest silent killer of all. It’s what you experience when you’re merging onto a congested highway with thoughts of being late again and not having time to check your email before 9 a.m. or respond to the 20 messages marked high priority from yesterday. (And despite your hyper-connections to others through modern technology, a part of you feels lonely and isolated.)

This pervasive scenario has nothing to do with “survival of the fittest.” Cultural Stress® is wearing and tearing us down daily, and in ways we never thought possible; so much so that I’ve commenced studies to explore its impact, as well as offered grants to researchers who investigate Cultural Stress®. You’ll be among the first to read about some of the astonishing new evidence. Are there solutions to combating this new stress? Certainly. In some regards, this Inclusive Health approach is about doing less, not more, while at the same time getting more accomplished. Sounds like a tall order, but it won’t seem that way once you experience the Water Secret working within your body.

So if you have been frustrated or unhappy with how you feel and look, despite personal health challenges or conditions, then you’ve come to the right place. Maybe it’s the chronic exhaustion, the lack of a healthy glow, poor sleep, the thinning hair and brittle nails, the extra 10 pounds you didn’t have a year ago, the “older” person looking back at you in the mirror, a recent diagnosis at your doctor’s office that scares you, or simply the fear of getting sick and watching your life hit an abysmal ditch. Or, you’re among those lucky few who are in excellent health now but want to do more and learn a fresh approach to preserving your longevity. Inclusive Health is a revolutionary way to think about taking care of yourself, and it’s based on the most essential ingredient to life second only to oxygen: water. Water is the best life preserver yet discovered…but how do we get that water into your body in a meaningful, healthy way and hold it there? That my friends, is the heart of The Water Secret

In addition to an introduction to his groundbreaking approach to achievable wellness, Dr. Murad’s book  includes a ten day meal plan and some easy and delicious recipes for smoothies, soups, salads and more. To purchase The Water Secret, click here.

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