What is essence skin care?

What Is Essence Skin Care?

By Jen Harmatz, Murad Director of National Retail Education

Essences come in all shapes and sizes…especially in the world of K Beauty. Korean skincare leads the market in terms of the sheer amount of different products to be layered on the skin. Some of these regimens include anywhere from 8 layers up to 17 layers of different skincare items. So this begs the question: what is an essence and why do I need it?

Back in the day, an essence was a water-like, lightweight lotion; however, due to advancements in skincare, many products are distorting the lines. Nowadays, technology makes it possible to create multifunctioning essences that do so much more for you. You can find all different textures in the essence category, which run the gamut from that water-like lotion to a gel to a more serum-like texture, depending on the desired result and what is put into it. The more luxurious ingredients in an essence, the more it does, and that’s usually reflected in its pricing.

The thing to remember and know about an essence is that it’s highly concentrated with active ingredients to go deeper into the surface layer of the skin to help affect change from your serum. Used on freshly cleansed and/or toned skin, an essence has the opportunity to penetrate deeper into the skin to help prepare it for the next step. This means that your serum will have better absorption, making it work even harder for you, so you’ll see results faster.

There is an essence for every skin type, whether you’re oily, dry, sensitive, or you have rough patches. The world is now your oyster with so many options to choose from. They can include vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants, acids and hydrators.

Dr. Murad found that the key to anti-aging is water and hydration, so when we looked into creating an essence, it made perfect sense for us to focus on how to infuse more hydration into the skin. Murad’s new and first-ever essence formula, Hydro-Dynamic® Quenching Essence was designed to help maximize the skin’s ability to retain water. It’s super silky and lightweight. Because it’s overflowing with so many nutrients and luscious ingredients, when you first pump it out, the consistency of the essence feels slightly thicker, but hold onto your hats because once you start tapping it into the skin, it instantly breaks into a watery finish.

Even if you’ve never heard of Mexican Blue Agave, chances are you’ve tasted it if you have ever enjoyed tequila. The Mexican Blue Agave plant is found in hot, desert climates and has a unique root system that absorbs, traps and holds onto water to sustain itself. An extract from the leaf of the Mexican Blue Agave plant gives Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence the capability to work deep within the skin’s surface to restore the ability to attract and retain water. Thus, it gives the skin immediate hydration and long-term results, such as plumping and suppleness. A botanical blend of watermelon, apple and lentil extract helps to reduce dryness and rough patches, while maintaining a strong lipid barrier to keep all that moisture in.

Follow with your favorite serum and our new and improved Hydro-Dynamic® Ultimate Moisture! Get ready to enjoy unmatched hydration!


Jen HarmatzJen Harmatz is a seasoned makeup artist and skin specialist who has worked on the GRAMMY Awards and the Oprah Winfrey Show. She knows from experience that perfecting the “canvas” lets you put your best face forward. She has created education initiatives to empower people across multiple channels to improve their skin, life and overall well-being.


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