We’ve Moved! Celebrating Our New Corporate Headquarters

Earlier this month, the entire Murad team relocated to our brand new 45,000 square foot global headquarters in El Segundo, California. The relocation was fueled by our need to accommodate the exponential growth we’ve experienced in our first 25 years and to give us room to grow in the future.

Murad Headquarters in El Segundo, CAThe new office space is a vibrant, state-of-the art facility and has been custom designed to encourage everyone who works and visits to embrace Dr. Murad’s Inclusive Health philosophy by making choices to look, live and feel better every day.

Dr. Murad says, “One of my favorite sayings is ‘dream without limits.’  I’m excited about our new Murad office, because it truly is the realization of a dream.  We set about to design a workplace that helps everyone here enjoy a happier, healthier and more rewarding lifestyle – and we didn’t compromise. The end result is a warm, beautiful place that captures the spirit of our company.  There’s also a natural flow to the design that helps let everyone know they are a part of something special.”

Richard Murad, our General Manager, says the new space reflects Murad’s commitment to our employees AND our customers, “The office will serve us well all these coming years in a collaborative and energizing way that we have never experienced before, making us more healthy, happy and productive as we take on the world.”

Murad Headquarters has an herb garden
Mary Waldron checks out the herb garden.

To help us to navigate our way in an open floor plan environment, key sub brand colors have been used to designate departments and work areas. That’s one of copywriter Mary Waldron’s favorite parts, “I love the inspiring design and colors that embody the Murad brand. It makes us all feel part of something great.”

There is also a running track being installed in the office (yes, a running track!), as well as exercise equipment which together create a fitness circuit.  The state of the art kitchen features an indoor herb garden and a huge garage-style glass roll-up door that gives diners access to a lovely patio. Kelly Gibson, our Senior Manager of Administrative Affairs says, “Our new headquarters is Inclusively Healthy with the exercise equipment and the healthy food we are offered. I find that I am getting up and walking around more to speak with people instead of sitting down for so long. The new office has changed the way that I am working.”

Because the space is so inviting, airy and inclusive, our employees are discovering some unexpected surprises: “I’m encouraged to get up and talk to people instead of using the phones or email, says Michelle Eprem our Direct Response Producer. “I’ve already met so many people that I didn’t even know worked here! And the exercise equipment is cool. It’s a fun way to get up and recharge.”

Murad Headquarters Workout Equipment - Working out Helps you Live Better
Various workout equipment around the office.

Everybody loves the way the space is laid out and the cutting-edge technology. Andy Padilla, Associate Manager of Retail Trade Marking, says he’s inspired by the streamlined style, “My favorite part is the vibrant and minimalist-looking work stations.” Alex Higley, our System Administrator, says the reception area is one-of-a-kind, “The interactive art wall in the reception area is something that no one else has.” And Erika Diestel, our Customer Care Department Trainer, says the space has a great vibe, “I like the entrance and the kitchen the best. I like the openness.”

A lot goes into a huge undertaking like a move, and we all know how stressful that can be. But we did it, and it was worth it! Inspired and energized by our new space, we look forward to leading by example to show the world how living and working “inclusively” can help everyone to live #BetterEveryDay.

To see photos of and read buzz about our new global headquarters, visit Instagram and Twitter and search #MuradHQ. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Our new address:
2121 Park Place
First Floor
El Segundo, CA 90245


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