Spa Meets Summer Camp: Joan Lunden’s Camp Reveille

It’s important in our busy lives that we stop and give ourselves some much deserved “me time.” Dr. Murad reminds us through his Inclusive Health approach to living that we must transform ourselves from the inside out, so we can look, live and feel better every day.

The “feeling better” facet of Inclusive Health is all about reducing stress levels by putting yourself first. When was the last time you took a break from your busy schedule to treat yourself to something special? No deadlines, no multi-tasking, no “to-do” lists. Just a chance to relax and recharge. Sounds perfect doesn’t it?

If you haven’t heard about Joan Lunden’s Camp Reveille, it may be just what the doctor ordered. After hosting Good Morning America for two decades and raising seven kids, Joan knows a thing or two about the need for a little escape—to nourish the soul, decompress, and reconnect with joy.

Joan is a long-time supporter of Murad and the spokeswoman for our Anti-Aging line Resurgence. She looks amazing and has the energy of a teenager! One of the secrets to her success and well-being is her magical summer camp getaways.

For more than ten years now, Joan has been spending her summers at Camp Takejo in Maine, where she swims, sails, plays tennis, scales a climbing wall, and plays with childlike wonder. Camp Takejo is nestled among the majestic pines on the shores of Long Lake, about 25 miles Northwest of Portland.

For Joan, relaxing and playing in this idyllic location has been life-changing, and she knew she had to share this experience with other women. So she created Camp Reveille. For four days and three nights, guests participate in activities, enjoy spa treatments, and take pleasure in the fun traditions of camp life.

Joan’s Message
“My goal is to make sure we can be the best we can be in today’s busy world; it is important we take care of ourselves. Join me at Camp Reveille for some much-deserved “me-time.” Relax and unwind, recharge your fitness, or simply play like a kid in this breathtaking lakefront setting. Whatever you choose, I’ll be there every step of the way at this girl getaway unlike any other!” ~ Joan Lunden

This unique, women’s wellness retreat happens only once a year. To learn how to participate in Camp Reveille’s 8th season, August 21-August 24, visit

If you can’t join the fun in person, then join us on social!  Joan will be hosting Murad’s first ever “Instagram Takeover” which you can follow at

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