Skin Care Tips for Summer Hiking

One of the great things about summer weather, and the often more leisurely schedule of summer, is the chance to enjoy the great outdoors. As more and more of us live in urban or even suburban environments, the chance to enjoy nature while on a great hike becomes more challenging. Nature is beautiful, but it’s also possible that by spending some time in nature you’ll leave some damage on your skin that will be less than beautiful. Skin care for summer hiking doesn’t need to be complicated, but a few quick considerations will make sure that you come off the trail looking healthy and outdoorsy, not dehydrated and sun damaged!

Tip One: Be Careful of Your Bug Repellent
We certainly don’t expect you to head out into the woods without  bug repellent. After all, the point of a day in the wilderness is to enjoy the wilderness, not to suffer through bug bites. However, do some research and be aware of what’s in the insect repellent that you choose. The more natural the product that you select, the better it will be for both your skin and your health. You skin is exposed to chemicals, pollutants and toxins every day that increase the free radicals in your system and damage your skin. Minimize those toxins by selecting natural bug and insect repellents.

If you do get a bug bite, try not to pick at it or over-scratch it. It may itch, but picking and scratching at it may result in a scar that’s similar to a post-acne mark and will need to be treated and faded away

Tip Two: Stay Hydrated by Eating Your Water
Even if you’re hiking in the shade, your body will dehydrate from a combination of sunshine and activity. Make sure that you’ve packed some fresh fruits and vegetables in your hiking pack so that you can rehydrate your body and your skin. Remember that while drinking water is important, the best way to hydrate yourself is by eating your water. The cellular structure of water in fruits and vegetables will hydrate you for longer periods of time. Your body needs hydration to be healthy, and your skin needs hydration to maintain its healthy glow.

Tip Three: Sun Block, Sun Block, Sun Block! (And a Hat!)
If you are spending time outdoors, then you need to be wearing sun block or sunscreen. If you’re going for an extended hike or a hike that’s scheduled for the hottest part of the day, be sure to use a water-resistant sun protection skin care solution that will stay on your skin and maintain your sun protection for a longer period of time, even when you begin to sweat. If you lose your sun protection, then harmful UV rays can break down collagen, create  age and sun spots and even cause severe skin damage. Be sure that your sun protection product will hold up while you’re in the outdoors, be sure to reapply frequently. And, of course, remember that a hat can help protect your face from sun damage whenever you’re outside.

Here’s where we have to recommend a product. Murad Water Resistant Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 | PA+++, this long-lasting, high SPF waterproof formula protects skin with three active sunscreens. Pomegranate Extract enhances sun protection and prevents free radical damage.

Tip Four: Wash Your Face Shortly After Your Hike
When you finish your hike, you may feel clean and invigorated from nature, but your skin is likely to have several layers of residue on it. In addition to your sun block and bug repellent, you’ll also have trail dirt, sweat and possibly even some effects from air pollution near your hiking spot. Be sure to cleanse any exposed skin shortly after you return from your hike. Use a gentle face wash to remove dirt and residue and then use a topical moisturizer to restore hydration. If you’re prone to body acne breakouts, use a back acne treatment solution when you shower after your hike to preserve clear skin all over.

Tip Five: Undo Environmental Damage
Finally, if you’re spending a great deal of your summer in the great outdoors, use skin care products that will combat environmental damage to your skin and Environmental Aging. Murad Environmental Shield® skin care products were specifically formulated to help undo the free radical damage caused by every day exposure to UV rays, toxins, pollutants and other environmental factors.

Get out and enjoy the great outdoors this summer! Just make wise decisions about the products that you use to protect and improve your skin when you do.

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