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BL14_071aMurad recently teamed up with Seventeen magazine to host Fresh Face for Spring Break parties at 5 different sororities across the country. With mixers, midterms, finals and everything in between on everyone’s minds, we invited the sorority sisters to take a quick break and snack on some healthy treats as we shared a few simple tips on getting clearer skin (de-stressing was a major one!).

Speaking of clear skin, we also shared our brand new app, ClearCam by Murad at the parties and encouraged our guests to download it, do a virtual test run of some of our new products, and have some fun instantly erasing unwanted blemishes and creating picture-perfect selfies.

The new FREE app uses advanced, patented facial recognition technology to edit a real photo and simulate the acne-clearing power of two of Murad’s newest products – Acne Spot Fast Fix and Acne Clearing Solution. This easy to use app features four simple steps to create clear, picture-perfect selfies:

  • FULL FACE:  Apply a time-lapse swipe to watch your skin get clearer all over
  • SPOT TREAT:  Touch up stubborn blemishes
  • FILTERS & FRAMES:  Add style with photography tools and frames
  • SELFIE SHARE:  Share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more

ClearCam by Murad can be downloaded to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch by clicking here or:

  1. Go to the Apple App Store
  2. Search for ClearCam by Murad
  3. Click to download this app for free

Check out the app today!

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  1. erin

    Check out a quick snippet from a recent TotalBeauty.com article for more buzz on the ClearCam App. A quick snippet: “Dr. Howard Murad has been a pioneer in the skin care industry for more than a quarter of a century and his “inside out” approach to staving off the effects of aging and free radicals has garnered him legions of devout fans. Now, with the advent of his new app, ClearCam, Murad is poised to earn even more brownie points”
    NIce! — Read More: http://www.totalbeauty.com/content/blog/flawless-selfie-skin-murads-new-app-140627

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