New Resurgence Formula from Murad - A testimonial

Our All-New Resurgence Regimen

Our all-new Resurgence regimen has been formulated with one goal in mind—to give you the power to look as young as you feel. The core products in this unique renewing regimen have been enhanced with hydrating proteins from the powerful Resurrection Plant.  This super-hardy desert plant can survive for months in a dormant dehydrated state and then burst back to a lush, green and vibrant state with the first rain.

Watch how the Resurrection Plant works in the video below:

Murad Resurgence user and Brand Ambassador, Donna Rojas shares her experience with Resurgence:

“As a fitness instructor, my peers and I really support each other but as I get older, the younger ones come in and at times it’s intimidating because I know eventually they’re going to take over my position. I don’t want it to happen overnight. I want to make a nice, smooth transition.  But when I look in the mirror, especially now, I feel like I’m as young as they are, appear as young as they are. I’m more mature, and I carry myself differently but, when I look in the mirror, I see them and I see myself, and I look pretty good for somebody that is 55 years old with two kids that are 26 and 25. So, I’m happy, and my husband is happy!

In the past few weeks, since I’ve been using Resurgence, I look in the mirror and I’m happy! I feel good. I feel good when I wake up and I feel better when I see myself in the mirror. I look forward to using the products. It’s absolutely astonishing that this product can bring such joy to a person. I’m grateful I was able to participate in the Murad Resurgence study. It’s just very gratifying for myself, and it’s something for me for a change, not anyone else. Although it affects other people in positive ways because I’m feeling good about myself.

I don’t feel 55 when I look in the mirror anymore, so that’s a hat off to Murad.”

Thank you Donna for sharing your positive experience, we’re so happy that Resurgence boosted your skin and your confidence. To check out our new Resurgence formulas, click here. Check back on our blog to read more from our fantastic Murad Brand Ambassadors.


  1. Dawn Smith

    I have been using the Resurgence Regimen products for about a month now. I like the way they make my skin feel! I have not noticed a difference yet and wonder if perhaps I need to be using something different? Not only do I have Rosacea, but I also have Hydrocystoma. What would you recommend for me? Thanks!!!! Dawn

    1. melissa

      Hi Dawn,

      We are so happy that you have enjoyed how your skin feels! In order for us to better assist you, may I ask what was it you wanted to see change specifically? Are you on any topical prescriptions for your rosacea?

      1. Dawn Smith

        Hi Melissa,

        No, I am not on prescriptions. I was hoping there is a more natural treatment for rosacea. As far as the hydrocystoma, it is little, non-cancerous cysts that reside in the pours. When I get really hot, the cysts fill with water and protrude through the pour, looking like acne, but not being acne. I haven’t found a treatment for it yet, and wondered if Dr. Murad had any experience in treating this. Thankfully, during the winter, it is not much of an issue!! Thanks in advance for any and all assistance!!

        1. melissa

          For the rosacea Murad does offer a special line of products which are rich with goji berry, a natural anti inflammatory to help reduce inflammation and irritation while also reducing the redness to your skin tone.

          The products help with flushing, dryness and hydration as well. You can view the products by visiting You can certainly combine these with your current regimen provided you do not layer the step 2, treatment products. You could even use the Redness Therapy as your morning regimen and then Resurgence as your evening regimen.

          If you want to combine a few but not all of the products, our Customer Care Department can certainly help you with customizing your regimen.


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