Mermaid Scales Makeup Tutorial

Mermaid Scales Makeup Tutorial

Has your inner siren been begging to come make a splash this Halloween? We can totally relate. Whether it’s 10,000 leagues under the sea or simply across the room at a party, beautiful mermaid scales are the perfect lure to steal more than a few looks.

Using a pair of fishnet stockings, some eye shadow, and a few spritzes of our ultra-hydrating Essential-C Toner, this look is as easy to achieve as it is mesmerizing. Pair this stunning makeup with a sparkle skirt and your favorite clamshell bra to give your mermaid costume legs long into the night.

Mermaid Scale How-To

Step 1: Contour face with purple eye shadow

Step 2: Blend pink shadow into purple contour

Step 3: Spray Murad’s Essential-C Toner to hold glitter to skin

Step 4: Use a brush to press glitter onto the skin

Step 5: Use fishnet stockings to create mermaid scales. Press cream shadow on top of the fishnets

Step 6: Spray Essential-C Toner to add moisture to the skin

Step 7: Add more glitter for a 3-dimensional sparkle

Step 8: Add another spritz of Essential-C Toner to set the look

Get the look:

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Use Essential-C Toner to create multi-dimensional mermaid scales and give your skin a splash of hydration!

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