Actress Julie Benz Loves Murad Resurgence Skincare

Meet Actress Julie Benz

We’re so excited to be chatting with actress Julie Benz (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dexter) for today’s Meet Feature. Julie is a big fan of our products and embraces Dr. Murad’s Inclusive Health philosophy. Let’s find out more about Julie’s skin care regimen, her healthy lifestyle and what inspires her.

Describe your first meeting with Dr. Murad.
When I first met Dr. Murad, my skin was a mess. From across the room, he diagnosed my skin issues and put me on the Resurgence program and within 2 weeks, my skin transformed and has been beautiful ever since. People now stop me and ask me what I am doing to my skin!

What are your favorite Murad products?
The Resurgence line obviously. The Resurgence Renewing Cleansing Cream is amazing. When I first met with Dr. Murad, I said I couldn’t use a cleanser on my skin because in my experience, all cleansers were too drying. I was shocked after using the Renewing Cleansing Cream because it does actually remove all of my makeup: light, heavy (when I’m on set), everything in between, gently. It does not dry out my skin at all, just makes my face feel clean. Another must-have product is Intensive Age-Diffusing Serum. It really does what it says; I cannot live without it!  My skin just glows.

How do you embrace the Murad Inclusive Health Vision and strive to Look, Live and Feel Better Every Day?

Julie Benz - Actress Loves Cooking
Photo credit: Vince Trupsin

How do you LOOK BETTER?
I wear sunblock and a hat EVERYDAY. It’s not enough to just wear sunblock; you really need the extra shade. Living in Los Angeles, I don’t know why I have a car with a sunroof– we never use it!

How do you LIVE BETTER?
Staying fit and working out are really important to me. Working out clears my mind and levels my stress. I have to workout every day whether it’s Pilates for strength training or spinning for cardio, it’s part of my lifestyle. Also, I try to eat as healthily as possible (but I do cheat once in a while)! Just like Dr. Murad’s Pitcher of Health 80/20 rule – my 20% is pure desserts, just not every day. It’s very important to me to eat foods with high nutritional value, while staying away from processed food. It really makes a difference. Processed food makes me feel sluggish and it’s harder for my system to digest, so I try to stay away from it as much as possible.

How do you FEEL BETTER?
I like to listen to a lot of music. Music can change your spirit and your energy. Whether it gets you up or makes you want to sing along, good music has the power to change your mood.

What’s your favorite Dr. Murad quote?
“Live life like you are on vacation.” This is now my personal mantra. I love this quote because it’s so true. When I’m on vacation, everything else drops away. It  forces me to regroup and recenter myself. I think about this quote when I’m driving in L.A. and it helps me relax.

Actress Julie Benz loves dogs
Photo credit: Vince Trupsin

Describe a typical day in your life.
My favorite days are my weekend days. I wake up early and workout for two hours: (45 minutes in a spin class and one hour of Pilates). I love going to classes and being surrounded by other people. I love the comradery you feel from the class environment. Then, I take my two little dogs, Bamboo and Sugar, on a walk. They are a HUGE part of my life. They travel with me all the time. Actors live a bit of a “gypsy” lifestyle, so having two small dogs that can bring with me everywhere I go feels like bringing a part of home with me.

I also love to cook. I am always trying to think of creative meals to make for dinner. I buy fresh and cook fresh. Nothing frozen. Literally, my freezer is empty! And I don’t use the microwave. I heat everything up with a pan on the stove. It’s the best way to be sure my food keeps its nutritional value. And a typical day also includes a lot of reading: scripts, books, my kindle and my iPad.

If you weren’t an actress, what would be your desired profession?
I would be an athlete or somehow work in the fitness industry. I was a figure skater growing up, so fitness has always been in my blood (and an obsession!). If I weren’t acting, I’d love to be involved in physical therapy or training.

Any advice for aspiring actresses?
Believe in yourself more than anyone else. There will be so many people telling you why you shouldn’t do it. Tell yourself why you should do it.

What’s your favorite hair color for yourself: blonde, brunette or black?
I love being blonde. My goal is definitely to end up back at blonde. But I’ll tell you, my changing hair colors have been an interesting social experiment.  When my hair was black, people would tell me I was exotic, which is something I’ve NEVER heard before! It was nice to get that compliment. As a brunette, I think I was also more approachable; more people walked up to me and talked to me. But I’m really blonde on the inside.

Julie, we think you look amazing no matter what your hair color is! We know you’re busy, so thanks for taking the time to chat with us. We look forward to getting more useful tips from Julie on staying fit, eating right, and living an inspired life, so we can all Look, Live and Feel #BetterEveryDay.

Watch Julie in action in the video below. She shares how she saw a positive difference in her skin after using Murad Resurgence.

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