Celebrating Mindfulness on Labor Day

Happy Labor Day everyone! We hope you’re enjoying your long holiday weekend.

Today at Murad, we’re celebrating all of our hardworking employees who are devoted to our unique vision here, and who contribute wholeheartedly to the continued success of the company. Collaborating together as an empowered and inspired team allows us to share with YOU how to look, live and feel #BetterEveryDay.

The theme on the blog this month is Mindfulness. 2014 has been called the “year of mindful living” and we’re seeing the trend taking off everywhere from corporate America to the classroom.

So what’s it all about? In the simplest terms, mindfulness is about choosing to be present and aware of the moment as you live it. This being “in the now” means trying your best to avoid casting any critical judgment about your present experience, or letting thoughts of the future or ruminations about the past take up your mental bandwidth. The practices and attitudes advocated by the modern mindfulness movement have roots in ancient philosophical traditions that, much like Inclusive Health, emphasize the mind-body health connection.

Mindfulness has gone way beyond the yoga set and it’s now a mainstream antidote to stress and burnout. But beyond the buzz, what does it really mean to be a mindful person? Mindfulness is both a daily habit and a lifelong process.

Here are 9 things mindful people do to stay calm and centered:

They don’t take themselves too seriously. Mindful people know how to “lighten up.” So much of our everyday troubles are internal—we worry and dwell on our problems. But those who are able to maintain a sense of humor are better able to cope. If you can remember to laugh through the ups and downs, you’re already on your way to mastering the art of mindfulness.

They get outside. Spending time in nature is one of the most powerful ways to give yourself a mental reboot and tap into a sense of ease and wonder. In fact, research has demonstrated that being outdoors can relieve stress while improving energy levels, memory and attention.

They meditate. Meditation is the quintessential mindfulness practice. You can be mindful without meditating, but research tells us that meditation is the most sure-fire way to become more mindful. A regular meditation practice can help reduce stress and improve well-being.

They find joy in creating. If you want to become more mindful but are struggling with a more traditional “still and silent” meditation practice, try doing something creative—painting, cooking, singing, sewing—and see how your thoughts quiet down as you find real focus  in that creative groove.

They accept both positive and negative emotions. Mindfulness is not about being happy all the time. It’s about acceptance of the moment we are in, and feeling whatever emotions come up without trying to resist or control them.

They unplug. How can you calm down, get centered and breathe if you’re checking your emails or social media constantly? People who live mindfully use technology when it suits their needs and are not enslaved by it.

They pay attention to their breathing. Breathing is the foundation of mindfulness. It keeps you focused and in the present moment. Calming the breath is the key to calming the mind, and research has proven that deep breathing is an extraordinary stress-relief tool.

They walk. Solvitur ambulando is Latin for “it is solved by walking.” Mindful people know that simply going for a walk can be an excellent way to calm the mind, gain new perspective and become more aware.

They don’t multitask. It seems like we all have to be multitasking machines to get through the day. But multitasking is actually the enemy of focus. The mindful way is to focus on one task completely for a given period of time, and then take a break before continuing or moving on to another task.

In what ways have you become more mindful in your daily life? We’d love your feedback. Please share with us in the comment section below.

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