Be Present & Work Hard Part 3 of 4

By: Dar Mallya, Fitness Director at Murad Inclusive Health

Happy #FitnessFriday! Over that past couple of weeks we have worked on carving time out for ourselves to do the things that validate our worth.

Our ultimate goal is to be present to work hard every day in both our professional lives and our personal lives while keeping a healthy balance between the two.  We aim to live a life in which we are well equipped to succeed because we have the tools needed to handle our daily stress.

Dr. Murad and I have been training for the last 5 years together. The best part about training with Dr. Murad is his attitude. He will attempt any exercise I program for him and he always tells me “that was easy” when he is done—even after the most difficult challenges.

The VIPR is loaded movement training that combines task-orientated movement patterns with resistance training. Agility and strength come from these movements. The TRX suspension trainer is one of my favorite pieces of equipment. By using your own body weight to create strain and resistance, TRX provides a better workout with a greater range of function than most machines. TRX is portable so you can hang it on a tree or a fence or even your hotel room door. I carry the TRX with me whenever I’m on the road. Now the Dr. did not just start doing these workouts, we did a lot of basic movement patterns to make sure his body would be able to handle the load.

Dr. Murad and I spent a lot of time on building his strength to prevent injury in these advanced movements. That’s the key to creating your own exercise program. Train slowly at first, make sure you earn your progression into the advanced exercises. Hire a fitness professional to help you. Even if it’s just to make sure you’re doing what’s right for your body for few sessions it’s worth it. My goal when I see a new client is to find out where their weakness are and turn them into strengths. It is only then that I actually will take them on the floor to work them out. Join group fitness classes like yoga, or Pilates. Make a goal of training for some real reward. Why not  take a jar and label it something special that would be a special treat.. After every workout, place $1 in your jar. The more you exercise, the faster you reach your goal. Good luck stay motivated, eat clean and train hard!


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