Acne Q&A With Dr. Murad

As a dermatologist, I naturally get a lot of questions about skin health and health in general.  The topic that people ask about most often is acne. Acne is personal, painful and something that almost everyone experiences as some point in life. With so much conflicting information and misinformation about acne, understanding what is causing acne and learning how to treat acne breakouts can be a real challenge.

As I begin to counsel people, I always remind them that the only way to make a fundamental improvement in their skin is an Inclusive approach. Skin is the largest and most connected organ in the body—so we help the whole body to help the skin. A complete Inclusive Health approach includes a diet built on water-rich foods, regular exercise, attention to the sleep cycle, routine targeted skincare and the kind of self-care that enables patients to manage their response to cultural stress.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about acne, along with my answers via videos:

Q:  What is it that actually causes acne and clogged pores?
A:  There is no one cause that leads to acne and clogged pores.  There are many factors, which I touch upon here:

Q:  Will eating greasy foods make me break out more?
A:  Not directly.  Greasy foods are not good for you overall, but they don’t directly cause breakouts.  Here’s my full response to this question:

Q:  Is there anything I can do to get rid of my acne in 24 hours?
A: While it’s possible to reduce a blemish in one day, acne is a complex skin condition that we manage and control over time.  I explain more here:

Q: If I really dry out my skin, will it help get rid of my acne?
A: Actually, no.  Hydration is essential for healthy skin, regardless of age, type or condition.  Our skin needs to be treated with tender, loving care.

Q:  Are there any basic lifestyle changes I can make to help me get rid of my acne?
A: This is perhaps the most important question we can ask when discussing acne.  In this short video response, I discuss an epiphany I had many years ago about how to best treat acne.

I hope you found these responses helpful.  If you have any questions about acne that aren’t covered here, please comment below this post with your questions.


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