5 Reasons to workout with a friend

5 Benefits of Exercising with a Buddy

Happy #FitnessFriday everyone! Today we’re talking about the benefits of having a workout buddy. When you agree to meet your friend at 4pm for a movie, you’ll be there, right? Because you made a commitment and you don’t want to let your friend down. The same idea can be applied to your fitness routine. If you have a workout buddy, you are much less likely to blow off exercising. Here are 5 reasons to start working out with a friend:

  1. You’ll be way more motivated.
    Don’t feel like exercising after that long day at work? It’s one thing to cancel plans with yourself but it’s quite another to cancel on your friend—someone who’s counting on you. It’s all about accountability! Plus, when you work out with a friend, you’ll be less likely to quit early.
  2. Your workouts will be more fun.
    The treadmill can get pretty lonely and boring. The buddy system keeps boredom away and makes the time pass quickly. If you go for a walk by yourself, are you counting the minutes until it’s over? With a partner, time will fly because you’re chatting and having fun.
  3. You’ll work out harder.
    When you’re working out with someone else, the intensity will likely be higher than when you’re alone. Nothing wrong with a little healthy competition! One tip when picking your partner: be sure your fitness levels are similar. If you’re on the same general level, you can really push each other.
  4. You’ll make a connection. In Dr. Murad’s new book Conquering Cultural Stress: The Ultimate Guide to Anti-Aging and Happiness, he talks about the importance of connections and friendship to fight illness and depression, to improve health and fitness, and to slow aging.
  5. You can split the cost of a personal trainer.
    Just like sharing a cab or a large salad, the math is on our side when we split stuff. Most personal trainers (at a gym, a park or your living room) are willing to split the cost of a session if you want to work out with a friend.

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