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3 Quick Workouts to Recharge and Reboot

By Darren Becket, Health and Fitness Expert

Are you ever surprised when it’s only noon and you feel as if you need a nap? For most of us, the answer is to dig into lunch or a caffeinated pick-me-up. Before you grab that second cup of java or the chocolate bar stashed at your desk, there’s a healthier option.

New studies highlight the benefits of doing short bursts of exercise before you eat. As few as 90 seconds of exercise before a meal can help you to reduce stress, boost alertness and shed fat.

I find that fitting in a mini workout before lunch not only helps me stay lean, but it is a great way to keep my energy up all afternoon. Even better, all three workouts require no equipment and can be done indoors or outdoors.

Whole Body Workout
A great way to stretch and move the entire body, especially if you’ve been stuck for hours seated at a desk. Perform the set of exercises three times with minimal rest between sets.

  1. 10 x Single Leg Butt Squeeze
    Single Leg Butt Squeeze
  2. 10 x Back Kick
    Back Kick Workout
  3. 10 x Back Extension
    Back Extension
  4. 10 x Open Chest March

Open Chest March



Get Up and Move Workout
A surefire method to combat the effects of fatigue from hours spent staring at a computer screen. Perform the set of exercises five times, resting when needed.

  1. 2 Minutes – Fast Walk or Jog
  2. 10 x Lunge With Reach
    Lunge Reach
  3. Plank Hold (do not exceed 90 seconds)

I’ve-Only-Got-90-Seconds Workout
A quick workout to get your heart pumping. Perform each exercise once for 30 seconds each.

  1. 30 Seconds – Hip Reach
    Hip Reach
  2. 30 Seconds – Trunk Rotation
    Trunk Rotation
  3. 30 Seconds – Run in Place


Darren Becket is a health and fitness expert who loves helping people step into their potential for greatness. He works closely with clients to create unique programs to meet each individual’s needs. Personally Tailored Fitness includes personal training, massage therapy, stress management and nutritional services.

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