Salicylic Acid Acne Products

Salicylic Acid Treatments:
Hard on Acne. Easy on Skin

Salicylic Acid Fights Acne without Drying or Peeling

Acne treatment products with Salicylic Acid penetrate deep into skin’s surface to
fight acne by clearing pores and regulating oil while reducing redness and irritation.

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  1. Time Release Acne Cleanser


    Fights acne and reduces fine lines
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  2. Acne Treatment Concealer Light


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    Heals and conceals in one step
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  3. Acne Treatment Concealer Medium


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    Heals and conceals in one step
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Why Fight Acne With Salicylic Acid?

The Benefits of Salicylic Acid

If you want to get clear, stay clear, then you need to fight acne with an acne treatment product that combats blemishes deep within the surface of the skin before they become inflamed. Unlike other topical acne treatments that dry out and damage your skin, acne products using the topical acne medication Salicylic Acid penetrate into pores and hair follicles. Once the Salicylic Acid gets inside of the pore or hair follicle, it exfoliates away the oil and dead skin cells that clog pores and lead to acne blemishes. Treating your acne deep within the skin’s surface can not only reduce existing blemishes, it can also prevent future breakouts. Just as importantly, your skin won’t get excessively dried out (and your pillow cases won’t get bleached!). Treat acne the healthy way by treating blemishes deep within the skin’s surface for a long-term clear complexion with the power of Salicylic Acid.

Acne Treatment Resources

Before you begin your acne treatment regimen, make sure that you understand the causes of acne and your topical acne medication options. You can treat acne more effectively if you can tell the difference between acne facts and acne myths.


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