Hormonal Acne Treatment for Men

Hormonal Acne Treatments for Men:
Clear Skin at Any Age!

Fight Acne Beneath the Skin Without Drying or Irritation

Hormonal acne can affect men at any age and be aggravated by shaving and facial hair. Salicylic Acid acne treatments clear skin where it matters – beneath the surface.

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What Makes Hormonal Acne Treatments for Men Different?

TMen’s Skin Care Concerns Include Acne

Hormonal acne for men means the need to find a skin care regimen that works to prevent clogged pores and acne blemishes while also soothing and moisturizing skin that may be irritated from shaving or facial hair.


Murad acne products do both. Skin and face cleansers and acne treatments feature the acne medication Salicylic Acid. These treatments work to penetrate beneath the surface of the skin to unclog pores and fight acne-causing bacteria. Moisturizers and skin soothing agents help to reduce redness and irritation while preventing ingrown hairs.


Hormonal acne for men can also mean back and body breakouts. Murad’s best-selling back and body acne treatment duo is a simple two-step approach to treating and preventing breakouts on your back or body.

Acne Product Resources

Before you begin your acne treatment regimen, make sure that you understand the causes of acne and your topical product options. You can treat acne more effectively if you can tell the difference between facts and myths.


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