Redness Therapy

Calm, cool and soothe red, irritated and inflamed skin.

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Murad Redness Therapy

Soothe and Treat Redness, Sensitivity and Rosacea

Murad Redness Therapy skin care products combine soothing ingredients with non-irritating moisturizers to reduce the appearance of redness and flushing. Redness Therapy products also minimize discomfort from tightness or sensitively due to Rosacea, hair removal procedures, cosmetic procedures and even sun exposure.  If your skin is prone to dryness or sensitivity that causes tightness, irritation and flushing, Murad Redness Therapy products hydrate and even your skin tone, getting rid of discomfort and improving your skin’s overall appearance. Murad Redness Therapy skin care products as part of an Inclusive Health™ lifestyle can give you healthy, glowing skin that’s Better Every Day®. 

Skin Care Resources for Dry, Sensitive Skin

Information is power! Learn more about skin care, ingredients and advice for dry, sensitive skin or Rosacea.

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