Dark Spot Corrector

Visibly Fade Spots and Hyperpigmentation

Reduce spots and improve clarity with Murad’s dark spot correctors.

Murad’s proven dark spot correctors feature high-performance ingredients to rapidly restore a bright, even tone. Quickly fade age spots, post-acne marks, sun spots and hyperpigmentation to reveal an even, flawless complexion.

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How Does a Dark Spot Corrector Work?

Fade Dark Spots from Sun Exposure, Acne or Hyperpigmentation

Do you have dark spots on your face that you want to fade and correct for a flawless complexion? Whether your dark spots are the result of UV exposure, post-acne marks from former breakouts or simply areas of natural hyperpigmentation, you’ll want to make sure that the dark spot corrector that you choose includes both of the following:


Proven Lightening Agent:  Choose a dark spot corrector that has a powerful skin lightening agent. Murad dark spot correctors use Hydroquinone, the strongest skin-lightening agent available without a prescription.


Penetrates Deep Into Skin for Maximum Effectiveness: You’ll also want a dark spot corrector that penetrates beneath the skin to accelerate the process of the skin lightening agent fading the hyperpigmented areas below the epidermis. The ability to penetrate beneath the skin means that your dark spot corrector will be working as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Dark Spot and Hyperpigmentation Resources

Before you begin your skin care regimen, make sure that you understand the causes of dark spots and your options for fading and correcting them. You can treat dark spots more effectively if you can tell the difference between facts and acne myths.


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