Inclusive Health: A Client Testimonial

Here are a few words from a young mother who feels she was finally able to “get her life back” after participating in an Inclusive Health program.  She describes how her physical health and her self-confidence improved thanks to some basic lifestyle changes.

Inclusive Health has been such an eye-opening experience and I truly thank Dr. Murad and everyone at Murad for providing me with a way to get my life back.

By making easy lifestyle shifts in keeping with Dr. Murad’s Inclusive Health recommendations, I feel like internally I have healed and become stronger.  For example, all the aches I had been having after my C-section are gone and I feel so much better inside overall.

Plus, my skin feels amazing.  Inclusive health has definitely helped me have more hydrated and glowing skin.  Everyone has been complimenting me on how my skin has improved and I feel it.

Last, but most importantly, my emotional self care and self-confidence have improved DRAMATICALLY!  Being a mom of a young child has meant that all my focus has been on my son.  However, thanks to Inclusive Health, I have made myself a priority – which has made me a better mom to my child as well.  I’m loving every minute!

Thank you to the entire Murad family and organization for helping me get my life back!


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