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Battling bacne and body breakouts? Put an end to stubborn body blemishes and get
clear, clean skin from head to toe. Proven bacne treatments control bacne and body
acne breakouts, heal existing blemishes and encourage consistently clear, healthy skin.

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What Should You Look for in a Bacne Treatment Product?

Effective Bacne Treatments

If you’re looking for an effective bacne treatment for back and body breakouts, then you’ll need to look for two things. Most bacne breakouts are due to a combination of both Hormonal Acne and Acne Mechanica (acne from trapped sweat or friction from clothing or objects). To combat both causes of body acne, you’ll need a bacne treatment that does both of the following.


Exfoliates Away Dead Skin: The skin on your back and body is tougher than on your face, so clogged pores beneath the skin that cause bacne breakouts can be more difficult to treat.


Delivers Acne-Fighting Medication: Salicylic Acid penetrates beneath the surface of the skin to unclog pores and treat both existing and future bacne breakouts.

Bacne Treatment Resources

Before you begin your bacne treatment regimen, make sure that you understand the causes of bacne and your topical acne medication options. You can treat bacne more effectively if you can tell the difference between acne facts and acne myths.


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