Anti-Aging Treatments: Visible Pores

Tighten and Minimize Visible Pores Create a smooth, younger-looking complexion with flawless pores.

Your Pores May Expand as You Age

As skin naturally weakens and cellular walls begin to expand, the size of your pores may become larger and more visible as you age. Combat it with Murad.

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Minimize Visible, Large Pores

Aging Skin and Visible Pores. Combat Both.

Fine lines, wrinkles and age spots may be the expected signs of aging skin, but it’s often a surprise that as one ages pores may become larger and more visible. A pore is the surface opening of a hair follicle, and it requires that the follicle have a strong cellular wall to support the pore. Strong follicle walls keep pores small and their appearance nearly invisible to the naked eye. As skin ages and the body naturally weakens through the process of Genetic Aging, the walls of the hair follicles weaken as well. As they weaken, pores begin to stretch and expand and become more visible. To combat this process and regain your smooth, flawless complexion, you’ll need to combine Inclusive Health™ practices and a targeted skin care regimen. Eat a diet rich in essential fatty acids to maintain strong cellular walls and select skin care products that help to build healthy skin through hydration and nutrients.

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