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Continue Your Murad Anti-Aging Skin Care Regimen

The second step of the Murad three-step skin care regimen lets you treat and repair your skin. No matter what your anti-aging skin care concern is, Murad has proven products that can repair and restore skin to help regain your skin’s youthful appearance.  Age Reform® products deliver anti-wrinkle solutions for Genetic Aging concerns. Resurgence® products combat the loose skin caused by Hormonal Aging. Environmental Shield® products prevent and repair Environmental Aging caused by UV and pollution damage. Select complementary products from Step One: Cleanse | Tone  and Step Three: Hydrate | Protect  to complete your anti-aging skin care regimen. Murad anti-aging skin treatments, as part of an Inclusive Health™ lifestyle, can give you firmer, more youthful skin that’s Better Every Day®.

Anti-Aging Skin Care Resources

Before you select your anti-aging skin care regimen, make sure that you know the facts about wrinkles, age spots and the different types of aging skin.


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