Acne Routines

Acne Treatment Routines:

Get Clear Skin, Consistently.

What’s the Right Acne Treatment Routine for You?

Your skin and type of acne are unique. Your acne treatment routine should be, too. Find the best three-step regimen for your specific concerns and get clear, stay clear.

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  1. Acne Clearing Kit

    $45.00 (a $69.99 value)

    Helps clear acne and prevent future breakouts
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  2. Clear Skin Regimen

    $89.90 (a $104.80 value)

    Clears acne blemishes and reduces irritation.
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  3. Acne Starter Kit

    $29.95 (a $56.95 value)

    Clears acne breakouts and diminishes redness
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  4. Post-Acne Marks Kit

    $97.00 (a $121.00 value)

    Fades post-acne spots and fights breakouts
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Acne Treatment Routines: Get Clear Skin, Consistently.

Get Into a Routine with Your Skin!

When it comes to treating acne, it’s about more than just the products that you use. When you use them and the order that you use them in can be the difference between problematic and clear skin. If your skin is sensitive, beginning to show the signs of aging, prone to hyperpigmentation and dark spots or even excessively oily, your acne routine should be optimized specifically to your needs. The Murad three-step system of Cleanse | Tone, Treat | Repair and Hydrate | Protect makes creating your twice-daily acne treatment routine easy. Just select the regimen that best meets your skin’s individual needs and get started. Acne products that utilize all of the most effective ingredients, including Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid, created to both clear existing blemishes and prevent future breakouts.

Acne Treatment Resources

Before you begin your acne treatment routine, make sure that you understand the causes of acne and your topical acne treatment options. You can treat acne more effectively if you can tell the difference between acne facts and acne myths.


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