Step 1: Cleanse | Tone

Medicated formulas actively treat your acne every time you cleanse your skin.

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Acne Regimen Step One: Cleanse | Tone

Acne-Free Skin Starts with the Right Cleanser

To start your three-step acne regimen, select a face and skin cleanser that delivers acne-fighting medications such as Salicylic Acid that don’t over-dry your skin. Remember that no matter how severe your acne is or how oily your skin is, doctors recommend that you only wash your face twice per day. Over-washing your face may dry your skin, leading to irritation, redness and even more acne breakouts. After you select a cleanser, proceed to Step Two: Treat | Repair and Step Three: Hydrate | Protect to complete your regimen. Three simple steps done twice a day, combined with  Inclusive Health™ lifestyle choices, can help you get clear, radiant skin that’s Better Every Day®.

Acne Treatment Resources

Before you begin your acne treatment regimen, make sure that you understand acne’s causes, and your medication options so you can distinguish acne facts from acne myths.


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