Why Murad?

People come to Murad when they're ready to
transform the life of their skin. Murad guarantees
that transformation because only Murad combines
advanced scientific research and practical clinical
experience to create high performance skincare
products, dietary supplements and lifestyle
programs that help people look and feel their
absolute best.

As America's first authentic doctor–developed
brand, Murad remains true to the scientific
principles of its founder, world–renowned
dermatologist Howard Murad, M.D. Shaped by his
Inclusive Health philosophy and inspired by the real
problems of the more than 50,000 patients and
clients who have visited his Los Angeles
dermatology practice and Inclusive Health Spa®,
his award-winning formulas have helped millions to
resolve their skin issues. Through more than fifty
years of research, Dr. Murad has established that
beauty and health are vitally linked and best
achieved through an Inclusive approach that
improves every cell in the body.
The result? The Murad Glow!

The Murad Inclusive Health Lifestyle

Murad's transforming skincare products are at the heart of a comprehensive approach to
wellness that Dr. Murad calls Inclusive Health. This clinically tested, integrated system optimizes
the health of the body's entire cellular population through topical care, internal care and
emotional self–care. People who live the Inclusive Health lifestyle are easy to spot because they
radiate beauty and confidence in a way that sets them apart—that's the Murad Glow! How does
it work? Together with results-focused skincare, internal supplements and a positive emotional
outlook, this Inclusive Health approach to living dramatically improves the health of the skin and
every connected cell in your body. (Remember, your skin is your largest organ!)


Superior Formulas

Murad is a true dermatologist brand that began
with prescription formulas developed by Dr. Murad
to help his patients resolve their unrelenting skin
conditions. Over twenty years later, Murad
products still feature clinical–strength ingredients
blended into proprietary recipes that are so
advanced, Dr. Murad and his product development
team have been awarded eighteen unique
dermatology–related patents. The superior
performance of ten of his transformative skincare
formulas has been recognized with the highly
coveted and prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal.

The superior formulas in Murad products have
transformed the lives of millions of users around the
globe and are guaranteed to deliver results you can
see and feel.


Personalized Solutions

Because one size doesn’t fit all, Dr. Murad has
created ten distinct product lines to address every
skin concern—and Murad skincare solutions are
organized into easy–to–use three–step regimens,
with each product clearly marked to indicate the
order of use:
  Cleansing Step
  Critically Important Treatment Step
  Moisturizing Step
Each product line is color-coded by concern, yet
fully compatible so you can easily create a truly
customized regimen by mixing and matching.

To help you select the best products for your
individual skin concerns, Dr. Murad has personally
trained a dedicated team of Certified Skincare
Specialists who are available by phone and online.
Or if you prefer, you can start right now by taking
our online skin evaluation.



A Scientific Foundation

Murad has been the leader in skincare science
since it was first established in 1989 by
world–renowned dermatologist and best–selling
author Howard Murad, M.D. Board certified in
dermatology and trained as a pharmacist, Dr.
Murad has been hailed as "one of the country's
best dermatologists" by Vogue magazine, a
“Beauty Genius” by Elle magazine and an “Industry
Visionary” by the International SPA Association,
and has been inducted into Dermascope
magazine’s “Academy of Legends.” Dr. Murad also
serves as an expert on various boards and panels,
including the Fitness magazine Advisory Board.
From pioneering studies demonstrating the role of
cellular hydration in health, which gave birth to The
Science of Cellular Water™; to innovative thinking
that has been recognized with 18 patents for
advancing skin health; to the development of
botanicals like Pomegranate, Durian, Goji Berry and
Yumberry into performance skincare; Dr. Murad
and Murad Research Labs continue to define the
leading edge in skincare.