What is Murad Inclusive Health?

A Path to a Younger You

Inclusive Health is a whole person system for Youth Building that supports health at a fundamental cellular level. Inclusive Health grew out of Dr. Murad’s pioneering research and clinical work in The Science of Cellular Water® which established him as an international authority on health, wellness and the aging process.
By scientifically demonstrating that the ability of cell membranes throughout the body to hold water is the fundamental marker of youthful good health, Dr. Murad shifted the conversation from developing techniques for alleviating the symptoms of aging to developing a simple sustainable “youth building” lifestyle.

At the heart of Inclusive Health is a 3-faceted approach that helps you:

Look Better
through high–performance
clinical skincare

Live Better
through nutrition,
supplements and exercise

Feel Better
by managing stress

Dr. Murad encourages people to adopt an
Inclusive Health lifestyle as a reliable, attainable
path to unlocking their individual potential for living
a happier, more fulfilling, more youthful and
ultimately more beautiful life. It’s a result he calls
building a “younger” you.

Jump-start your own Inclusive Health journey with a
supervised Inclusive Health program.