The key measure of health is each cell’s ability to hold water, therefore, if we build stronger cells, we can fight disease and reverse the sign of aging

Howard Murad, M.D.


The Science of Cellular Water

The world's most comprehensive approach to
understanding health and aging, the Science of
Cellular Water looks at the ability of cell membranes
to hold water within a cell as the fundamental
marker of youthful good health. Because skin can
only be beautiful if it is healthy at the cellular level,
Murad's dietary supplements and topicals are
formulated to optimize cell health. Murad's
supplements create a nutrient rich environment
within the body so that all building blocks the body,
needs to create strong cells are readily available.,
Murad's topicals support and enhance the skin's,
barrier function to protect cells from environmental,
damage and dehydration while encouraging healthy,
cell turn-over so that surface layers have a higher,
population of stronger younger cells. With internal,
and external support from Murad, skin is as healthy,
as it can be and looks its most youthful.

Typical Adult Skin Cell Cycle

Poor Skin Health
Damaged cells cannot retain the water they need
for optimal function and the decline in the skin's
overall health is apparent as wrinkles, cellulite,
dryness and crepiness

Fragile Cells
New cells have more fragile
membranes—they lack the
resilience and strength of
cells created in young skin.

Uncontrolled Free
Radical Damage

Inflammation increases the
free radical load, increasing
the number of assults on cells.

Older Cell Population
Cell turnover slows as the
body ages—so a growing
proportion of cells in the skin
are weak and damaged.

Adult Skin Cell Cycle Supported Internally and Externally by Murad

Beautiful Healthy Skin
A higher population of healthy strong cells with
water-tight membranes improves skins strength
and barrierr function, reduces the signs of aging
and restores skin's youthful appearance.

Strong New Cells
The body is flooded internally
with micro nutrients to create
the ideal environment for the
production of healthy strong cells.

cell protection
Anti-inflammatories and antioxidants, both topical and internal, decrease the frequency and severity of free radical assaults.

Younger cell

Rapid cell turnover quickly
clears the skin of weak and
damaged cells.